Journal of Applied Animal Ethics ResearchEthics for Animal Welfare, Veterinary Medicine, and Conservation

The Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research (JAAER) is an international and interdisciplinary scientific publication edited by Bernard Rollin and Barbara de Mori. It publishes the results of original peer reviewed research, technical studies, and reviews that bring to the light the ethically relevant issues connected with wildlife management, companion animals, laboratory animals, and animals used in agriculture, research, pet therapy and conservation programs. Emphasis is placed on research that explores ethical issues and ethical reasoning related to animal welfare and care in veterinary medicine, conservation, applied ethology and welfare science.

Aims and Scope: to foster the growth of ethical awareness and know-how concerning animal welfare and care, and to debate moral issues related to the human/ animal relationship. We aim to bring the debate on these issues outside the boundaries of the academic and scientific debate, to a wider audience composed of professionals and non-professionals who are directly involved with animals. The Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research should be fruitful reading for all animal scientists and professionals involved in animal care and management – such as veterinarians, biologists, conservationists, physicians, keepers, etc. – as well as for anyone else concerned with animal welfare and applied ethics..

Print ISSN: 2588-9559