Research evaluation

The Quality Assessment of Research (VQR) had ranked the University of Padova at 1st place in seven of fourteen subject areas:Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences (Area 07), Industrial and Information Engineering, Economics and Statistics.

Area 07 is part of the hard sciences because of research topics, methods of study and the editorial position of scientific work. It consists of 30 academic disciplines (SSD) divided in two main groups: Agricultural Sciences (20 SSD) and Veterinary Sciences (10 SSD). Area 07 consists of about 3000 researcher who belong to 56 university, 3 research authority (managed by MIUR) and 6 research consortium.

The Quality Assessment of Research (VQR) had ranked the Department of Comparative Biomedicine and Food Science at 7th place on 71 Departments belonging to Area 07.

All data have been put on line by ANVUR (National Agency of Evaluation of University System and Research) and are available (only in Italian) on: