The mission of the Department is to pursue the excellence in research and teaching in all the disciplines related to veterinary medicine, animal science and food safety. The main goal is to reach significant progress in various fields of basic science applied to veterinary medicine.

The main topics of the research activities of the BCA are listed below:

  Basic science applied to veterinary medicine

Identification and classification, of matter pertaining to veterinary interest and food-producing animal species (vertebrates and invertebrates) on both morphological and molecular bases;

Study of the structural organization of species of veterinary interest, using an approach based on the differentiation and development processes;

Study of the physiology and behavior of species of veterinary interest, even in response to changes in enviroment, with particular reference to the conditions of well-being and potential of stress;

In vitro and in vivo studies of the biochemical and molecular mechanisms derived from the exposition to xenobiotics (for example: anticancer drugs, contaminants, natural substances).

  Genetic variation in natural and cultivated populations

Genetic analysis by bimolecular methodologies applied to the study of companion animals, farm animals and the quality of food of animal origin;

Study of genoma and gene expression in natural and cultivated animal populations;

Study of the comparative pharmacology and toxicology used to characterize the individual response to the xenobiotics.

  Food safety and quality and consumer health

Quality and safety of food of animal origin along the food production chain;

Morphological and molecular assessment applied to food safety;

Pharmacology and toxicology applied to food safety;

Public health and food safety;

Biotechnological and nanotechnological applications to food matrix characterization.

  Pathology and comparative medicine.

Comparative pathology;

Comparative medicine.


Bioethics applied to animal science;

Bioethics applied to animal production;

Bioethics applied to experimental research.